Warm and colourful Roman blinds in the North East

Warm up any room in the home with our Roman blinds

If your home has smaller windows, then Roman blinds are a great way to provide privacy and add warmth and colour to your living spaces. Highly durable, Roman blinds are best thought of as a combination of a curtain and a blind. Roman blinds feature rods and fold into sections at the top of the blind when drawn. Regency Blinds in the North East has one of the largest ranges of Roman blinds in the Washington area.

Made to measure, fully customisable Roman blinds

If you are particular about your window coverings, then Roman blinds are a great option. All of our Roman blinds are available in a range of styles and colours and can be tailored to fit your exact wishes. You can have Roman blinds made to measure to fit your space exactly in any fabric with any lining you choose! Contact Regency Blinds in the North East to arrange a quote.
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