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For a wholly dark room


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Black Out Blinds

  • Offering a dark environment.
  • Bespoke to your specifications.
  • Big selection of type and colours.

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Black - Out Blinds

The benefits of this particular style are right there in the name. A black out blind allows you to create a wholly dark space that’s perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. The special material will block out excess light to avoid glare to give you a good night of sleep.

Why choose us?

  • Local family run business
  • Free home visits
  • Made to measure service
  • Free fitting
  • Child safe products
  • 12 Month guarantee on every product

'There is no compromise on style with these blinds, as we have a range of materials to cater for the look you wish to create.'

Having a black out blind helps you create a different dynamic and space in your home, whatever your design needs are. The materials we use are also great when considering the heat regulation of your rooms.

At Regency Blinds we are one of top suppliers of these made to measure styles for your window in Durham. Based in Chester-le-Street, you can contact us by phone, company email or even visit our store to arrange a home consultation.

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